Our Story

Since 1989 OFTACO S.A. is dedicated to civil engineering, carrying out projects, technical documentation and construction management, completing construction of our own projects as well as those of other architectural and/or engineering firms.

We develop industrial plants, commercial premises, single-family and multi-family houses (high-rise buildings or residential neighborhoods). We work with our own personnel for the execution of reinforced concrete structures, masonry works, and complementary installations (sanitary, fire, gas, electricity).

We count with the required infrastructure to execute projects in Buenos Aires, other Argentinean cities, and overseas.

Our team is constituted by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry together with high-potential young professionals, who contribute to strategically enhance Oftaco's continuous growth, and development.


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Residential Single-Family Housing

Traditional construction

Modular construction

Prefabricated panel construction

Steel frame construction

Reinforced concrete construction

Residential Multi-Family housing

Apartment building

Duplexes and triplexes


Housing developments




Schools and universities

Hospitals and health centers

Museums and art galleries

Government buildings

Reinforced Concrete Structures

Apartment buildings and skyscrapers


Stadiums and arenas

Silos and storage depots

Underground parking lots


Masonry - Installations

Structural masonry

Plastering and coating

Electrical installations

Plumbing installations

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations